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Get trained, and become an accredited AuziMAX installer or distributor.

Align yourself and your company with one of the most innovative products in the industry – offer powerful energy management solutions to your clients with AuziMAX.

AuziMAX is the leading intelligent Energy Management Solutionintelligent Energy Management Solution|Energy Monitoring Device|Automated Energy Control Device in the market

The AuziMAX is a cost-effective, cloud based energy management system that enables both commercial and residential customers not just to take the guess work out of their energy bills, but also to control and manage appliances from their Mobile, PC or Tablet devices at any time - from any location.

Energy Management Dashboard

The AuziMAX boasts a feature rich web portal that enables users to track budgets, isolate unnecessary energy use in appliances, set alerts, manually or automatically control appliances, generate reports, and much, much more.

Relay & DRED Switching

The AuziMAX empowers customers to automatically switch their appliances using Relay or DRED interfaces based on all kinds of customizable conditions – whether it be temperature, energy consumption, generation, grid feed – or time conditions.

Mobile & Tablet Apps

The AuziMAX allows users to access and control their energy management system through quality mobile & tablet applications available on both iOS and Android devices. These empower customers to track budgets, manually control appliances, and review their energy consumption, generation and grid feed.

Please visit for our new company website and up to date information.

The AuziMAX team have developed an energy management solution that works for commercial and residential applications. But it doesn’t stop there, they have a clear road map that endeavors to improve and expand the systems impact and capabilities.

The AuziMAX offers your organization the ability to take control of your energy expenditure and generation. It can monitor all your buildings energy needs (e.g. incoming mains, power circuits, lights, hot water, air HVAC etc.).

The AuziMAX is a cloud based energy management system that takes the guess work out of your energy bill. It empowers you, the home owner, not only to know what’s going on in your home, but to also control your appliances from your Mobile, PC, or Tablet at any time, in any location.

AuziMAX Home

AuziMAX Home


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